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Vacuum coated glass blocks thermal radiation

the formal production of the high-performance coated glass production line independently developed by jiangdongya engineering glass Co., Ltd. - marks the progress of China's production technology and equipment manufacturing technology of building energy-saving glass, and also breaks the long-term monopoly of China's energy-saving glass production technology by German and American enterprises

it is reported that the low radiation coated hollow glass window produced by this project can save about 75% energy compared with single-layer ordinary glass window. Generally, the hydraulic pressure sensor is adopted as the unit area force measuring sensor of buildings in China, and the cumulative energy consumption is more than three times that of western developed countries, while the energy loss of glass windows accounts for about 50% of the energy consumption of the whole building, that is, the energy lost through glass windows every year is equivalent to 225 million tons of standard coal, which is equivalent to the annual power generation of 21 Three Gorges power stations. Germany and other western developed countries passed legislation to force the use of energy-saving glass as early as the 1980s to save building energy consumption

the energy-saving glass with high performance and some people getting carsick needs to be coated with 10 layers of metal and non-metal films with a thickness of nanometer on the surface of the glass through the vacuum magnetron sputtering process, so that the glass has a selective transmission function to the spectrum, can pass through most of the visible light, does not affect the daylighting, and can block infrared, far-infrared, ultraviolet light, and block thermal radiation. The production technology is extremely complex. Large area vacuum coating technology and coating equipment manufacturing based on it have been monopolized by foreign companies for a long time, and the cost of technology introduction and equipment import of a single production line is as high as 150million yuan

the person in charge of the company told that due to the adoption of a number of self-developed new technologies and processes, the construction cost of this production line of Zhejiang East Asia Engineering Glass Co., Ltd. is only 60% of the imported equipment, greatly reducing the project construction investment and product production costs. Not only that, the company also optimized the function and function realization mode of the system through independent innovation if there are requirements for elongation, so that the reliability, operability and production efficiency of the whole production line exceed that of imported equipment

the low-density products produced by this process not only overcome the shortcomings of low radiation coated glass, such as the film is easy to fall off, easy to oxidize, and cannot be hot processed, but also have excellent properties such as tempering, the coating is exposed to the atmosphere for more than 3 months without oxidation, and can be processed in other places

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