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Xiagong series products have passed the acceptance, and there will be a new breakthrough in batch production of graphene & nbsp; Xiamen Construction machinery products for manufacturing carbon fiber composite prototypes have passed the acceptance, and will be installed in batches. Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: Recently, Xiamen Construction Machinery loaders, excavators, rollers and other series of products have officially passed the inspection of experts from the Chinese people's Liberation Army; The strict performance test of the acceptance group is about to train and load troops in batches. At the acceptance site, Xiagong loaders, excavators and rollers handled the difficulties of different users or the same user who had different needs for the experimental report at the beginning of the period, and other products accepted the engine, gearbox, drive axle, etc

recently, the loader, excavator, roller and other series of products of XCMG have officially passed the strict performance test of the air defense expert acceptance group of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, and will be loaded in batches

at the acceptance site, Xiagong loaders, excavators, rollers and other products were tested item by item for the performance of the engine, gearbox, drive axle and other key parts as well as the whole machine. Whether it is the accuracy of loading and unloading operations, flexible and fast passing ability, or power matching, they all passed the acceptance with excellent performance. At the end of the acceptance, Zhang Shaochun, a senior engineer of the air force, spoke highly of the series of products of XCMG on behalf of the expert acceptance team, and thanked XCMG for its long-term efforts to support the modernization of national defense. Chen Ling, chairman of XCMG, met with the group of experts after the flight, briefly reviewed the development history of XCMG over the past 60 years, and introduced the development plan of XCMG for the next five years. She said that in the future, XCMG will give full play to its technical and management advantages, continue to optimize structural adjustment, accelerate independent innovation, enhance core competitiveness, and make new contributions to the modernization of the army

it is reported that XCMG is an equipment supplier selected after the air force organized the national well-known construction machinery manufacturers to conduct strict selection. It is a national large-scale construction machinery manufacturer with the qualification of military equipment manufacturing. Its products cover eight categories: loaders, excavators, forklifts, small machines, road machinery, piling machinery and concrete machinery. Its products are energy-saving, flexible and efficient, high reliability, and are favored by the market

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