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Xiamen Central Asia train connects the three ASEAN countries for the first time

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in the afternoon of September 16, come to 2 The refrigeration system has overheated five 40 foot containers from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Klang port, Malaysia, linchaban, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia, which have successfully completed the customs formalities and lubricated the bearings in Xiamen Customs; The rusted bearings were replaced and transported from the Central Asia train centralized supervision yard of Haitou to the train loading yard. It is planned to take the Central Asia train shipped the next day to Kazakhstan, such as jetsu, Almaty, Nursultan and other cities

customs staff said that this is the first time that Xiamen international train has realized a single train to carry goods from four countries, and it is also the first time that Xiamen Central Asia train has realized cargo connections with Klang, Malaysia, linchaban, Thailand, and Jakarta, Indonesia

previously, the Central Asia train has successfully connected Taiwan's Kaohsiung port, Keelung port and Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh port through sea rail intermodal transport, for example, and gradually entered normal

5 containers are respectively filled with furniture, gloves, household refrigerators, diapers, etc., with a value of 155400 US dollars. In order to do a good job in the transit supervision of sea rail intermodal containers, all departments of Xiamen Customs have closely cooperated with each other and arranged special personnel for the whole process of docking, so as to provide detailed guidance for enterprise customs clearance; We should strengthen communication with the railway department, closely track the logistics status of container goods, and grasp the shipping time of the train in real time. We should also pay attention to the normal protection of the experimental machine, and handle various transit supervision procedures for the container as soon as it arrives, so as to ensure the smooth and timely flow of goods

Xiamen Central Asia train opened on August 16, 2015. Up to now, Xiamen Customs has supervised 104 Xiamen Central Asia trains and 3770 40 foot containers, with an import and export value of about 1.4 billion yuan

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