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Xiamen actively responded to the EU anti-dumping investigation on plastic bags

"we will have four enterprises responding to the lawsuit. At present, they have carefully filled out the questionnaire under the guidance of lawyers and faxed it to the European Commission 15 days ago." This is the anti-dumping in Xiamen on July 13, "he added that Mr. Ji, a staff member of the consulting service center, said in an interview. This response is aimed at the anti-dumping investigation launched by the European Union on June 30 against plastic bags in China

previously, it was learned from the industrial injury investigation division of Xiamen Economic Development Bureau that the EU anti-dumping case involved Xiamen plastic bag manufacturers with an export value of more than US $10million

this anti-dumping application was filed by 30 plastic bag manufacturers in the European Union. They pointed out in the application that now it is a popular material, the import volume and import volume of plastic bags from China, Malaysia and Thailand have increased significantly, and the import price is lower than the normal value. On June 30, local time, the European Union decided to initiate an anti-dumping investigation into plastic bags produced in China, Malaysia and Thailand. The objects of the investigation were all "plastic bags with a thickness of less than 100 microns and a polyethylene content of more than 20% sold in the European Union market from January to December 2004"

on July 7, Xiamen Economic Development Bureau and Xiamen anti dumping consulting service center continued to act quickly, and jointly held a coordination meeting for Xiamen enterprises to respond to the anti-dumping case of EU polyethylene shopping bags. He Yong, director of the service center, pointed out that in the U.S. anti-dumping case against plastic bags against China last year, most of Xiamen hindered its actual utilization. The enterprises involved were cut with high tariffs and have withdrawn from the U.S. market. If they lose the EU market again, Xiamen plastic bag manufacturers, which are mainly export-oriented, will be in deep trouble. Therefore, they should be cautious in facing this anti-dumping investigation

five enterprises involved in the case in Xiamen sent representatives to participate in the coordination meeting. He Yong preliminarily introduced the filling methods of the EU sampling questionnaire and the market economy status questionnaire to the enterprises involved. The filling results of the questionnaire will directly affect the EU's ruling. Jia Qiang, general manager of Donglin Electronics Co., Ltd., and Tu Chongyu, director of Fujian Zhongyu law firm, attended the meeting and introduced to the enterprises the basic legal procedures of EU anti-dumping, the evaluation and selection of lawyers, the defense of market economy status, the lobbying of importers and public interests and other matters needing attention. According to the introduction, according to the EU procedure, the Chinese respondent enterprises must submit the application questionnaire and sample questionnaire on the market economy status of enterprises issued by the EU within 15 days of filing the case. Subsequently, the EU will select some enterprises as sample enterprises to come to China for on-site inspection

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