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Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (XGMA) is a leading construction machinery manufacturer in China. Its newly developed next-generation hydraulic excavator decided to use Perkins 1106d-70tatm engine as the power source

the 1106d-70tatm carried by XCMG xg822 22T excavator has strong power, adopts mechanical oil injection, and the maximum power can reach 129kw. This type of engine is designed and manufactured by Perkins Wuxi engine Industrial Park. The primary consideration of the design engineer team is how to thoroughly solve the problem that different fuel quality affects engine performance. Results by adopting the fully upgraded fuel system, the adaptability of the engine to bad oil products was successfully improved. With the help of the improved filter, any possible debris in the fuel was effectively collected

the new 22 ton excavator of Xiamen Construction Engineering group selected Perkins mechanical engine

1106d-70tatm to meet China's phase III non road emission regulations. In addition to the advantages of excellent performance, high reliability and high durability, its ownership cost and operation cost are extremely low, which is undoubtedly a power choice with high cost performance and the basic reason for winning Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Qinglai. Plus Perkins' global service network, which always provides maintenance and parts nearby, ensures that the excavator can be fully supported no matter where it operates in the world, and also makes end users feel more at ease

this highly reliable 6-cylinder mechanical engine is especially suitable for various engineering machinery applications. Generally speaking, the main engine factory will use a 10 liter engine to match a 22 ton excavator, but Perkins' engine, with a displacement of only 7 liters, has the same performance, that is, the production efficiency is relatively improved. The power density increases, but the output power is exactly the same as that of the engine with a much larger displacement. Because the fuselage is more compact, it also means that its heat emission capacity will be better, that is, its efficiency will be higher, and it will be more competitive from the perspective of life-cycle cost

PE when developing new products, it is necessary to consider the design, process and materials themselves. Rkins has set up an expert team composed of application and installation engineers for this project to finalize the technical scheme of integrating 1106d-70tatm into the excavator with Xiamen workers, so as to ensure that excavator operators can truly experience the advantages of high production efficiency, excellent performance and low fuel consumption provided by this new engine

Dan Bentley, Asia sales director of Perkins, said: "This cooperation project with XCMG fully reflects the customer-oriented spirit that Perkins has always pursued. We sent many experts to the factory of XCMG in Xiamen, and worked hard with the team of XCMG day and night to build a new generation of hydraulic excavator. The results show that Perkins 1106d-70tatm mechanical engine can indeed perfectly meet the operating needs of XCMG xg822 excavator. This brand-new excavator will be brought to excavator owners all over China And operators. "

about Perkins Engine Co., Ltd.

Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1932. As one of the world's leading engine manufacturers, it is a leader in the 4-2000kw off highway diesel and natural gas engine market. Perkins is good at customizing engines for customers to fully meet their specific needs, so it is trusted by equipment manufacturers. With this advantage, the company now supplies engines to more than 1000 major equipment manufacturers around the world. These engines are used in more than 5000 different occasions, covering six major markets: agricultural machinery, construction/engineering machinery, power generation equipment, industrial equipment, material handling equipment and ship equipment

p in particular, erkins' product support teams stationed around the world at its cable entry device ensure that every sold Perkins engine, no matter where it is located in the world, can operate normally at all times. The global network of more than 100 Perkins agents, covering more than 180 countries and regions, provides product support through 3500 service points, all of which adhere to the most stringent standards to ensure that customers in every corner of the world can obtain the best quality service, and their main technical indicators can meet the standard requirements

Perkins in China in the early 1970s, Perkins began to provide services to Chinese customers. With the continuous growth of market share in China, the company set up an office in Shanghai in 2006 to manage the Chinese market as a whole. Perkins' wholly-owned engine Industrial Park in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province has built three production lines since it was put into operation in November 2008, focusing on manufacturing 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder models of 400 Series Compact engines and 1100 series medium-sized engines respectively. Perkins Wuxi engine Industrial Park also has a research and development center to focus on developing products suitable for Chinese and even Asian markets. Together with the Shanghai sales team, the Wuxi team is committed to helping Chinese complete machine manufacturers conquer the local and export markets, so as to make Perkins achieve its ultimate goal: to become the preferred engine supplier for Chinese equipment manufacturers

At present, Perkins appoints three agents in China: Weijia Power System Co., Ltd., lixingxing Machinery Co., Ltd. and West (Beijing) should replace oil machinery equipment Co., Ltd. if it is found that the oil begins to deteriorate or dirty and cannot be used, forming a perfect network covering the whole of China to provide the best sales and product support services

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