The hottest Xiajin 7-ton loader made a strong atta

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Xiajin 7-ton loader made a strong attack on the domestic and foreign markets

Xiajin 7-ton loader made a strong attack on the domestic and foreign markets

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recently, a new product xjm971g wheel loader (rated load 7 tons) with its own technology was successfully trial produced. The success of this product shows the style and features of the times that Xiajin machinery technology center is brave to innovate and be the first

xjm971g is the latest mechanical and electrical range speed control adopted by Xiajin machinery to accurately replace the 7-ton loader product. It is energy-saving, efficient, reliable, comfortable and easy to maintain. It is widely applicable to the production organization of major ports, mines and logistics enterprises. Fill the gap that the company does not have large tonnage loaders, improve the company's loader product line, and improve the city 4. Requirements for the use environment of automotive interior materials testing machine: field competitiveness

Xiajin 7-ton loader has made a strong attack to enter the domestic and foreign markets

xjm971g loader, which adopts optimized transmission system and international leading quality gearbox and drive axle, is more effective and reliable. Ultra short wheelbase design, small turning radius, high efficiency and flexibility. Flow amplification steering, single handle pilot control, simple operation. The driver's cab has a large space, full view, ultra quiet, equipped with sound and air conditioning, creating a comfortable working environment for the driver. Large radiators are used to completely solve the problem of heat balance in various harsh environments. Various types of working devices can be selected to meet different operation needs

xjm971g loader's high configuration, large load, large bucket, accurate measurement of the friction coefficient of plastic film has become a necessary project for film and flexible packaging manufacturers. The capacity and large unloading height are "big" design concepts and technical characteristics, which comprehensively shows the practical view of "standing on the target perspective of user needs" as the technical project establishment, and there will be no human error operation within one year! The super strong 7-ton loader xjm971g is a good choice for coal mines, freight yards and ports that require high operating efficiency and high truck height! Take advantage of the "the Belt and Road" strategy to tap potential business opportunities. (this article is from Xiajin machinery)

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