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Xiamen Construction Machinery: the forerunner of cross-strait construction machinery industry exchange

Xiamen Construction Machinery: the forerunner of cross-strait construction machinery industry exchange

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Guide: open the chapter of cross-strait construction machinery industry exchange, Xiamen Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the nearest mainland construction machinery enterprise from Taiwan, has written a rich and colorful stroke on it. Three years ago, Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. bravely pioneered the construction machinery industry in the mainland and loaded the first machine in the Mainland

opening the chapter of cross-strait construction machinery industry exchanges, Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd., the nearest mainland construction machinery enterprise from Taiwan, has written a thick and colorful pen on it

three years ago, Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. bravely pioneered the way, creating a continental engineering machine 5 Click the start button to record the force value and use time when the shoelace breaks, which is the first in the machinery industry, and direct the first loader from the mainland to Taiwan

three years later, taking advantage of Xiamen's active promotion of the comprehensive supporting reform experiment of deepening cross-strait exchanges and cooperation, Xiamen Engineering Group has been promoted from the original stage of "exploration" and "pioneering" to the stage of "cooperation" and "deep ploughing", and plays a more historical role as the leader of the mainland's construction machinery manufacturing industry, playing a positive role in promoting and promoting cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in the field of construction machinery

the 16th cross strait machinery and Electronics Fair and Xiamen Taiwan import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Taiwan Trade Fair) was grandly opened in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The "home battle" of XCMG, the exclusive strategic partner of the Taiwan Trade Fair, has once again become a highlight: not only does the single exhibition area reach 3400 square meters, which continues to be the highest in the Taiwan Trade Fair, but also XCMG has carefully planned the cross-strait construction industry high-level summit, moving forward from the trade cooperation of the cross-strait construction machinery industry to a deeper industry framework

adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and daring, Xiamen Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. will try first, lead the industry trend again, and lay a new milestone for the docking, exchange and cooperation between the construction machinery industry on both sides of the Taiwan Straits

from the first set to the first batch of

Xiamen workers has gone through 60 years, constantly creating the first place in China's construction machinery industry, and the exchange with Taiwan is no exception. One extraordinary innovation is still fresh in our memory

on February 5, 2010, a loader with the words "only Taiwan" carefully manufactured by Xiamen workers boarded the ship at Dongdu dock and went straight to Taiwan. Suddenly, magnesium lights came up one after another - because this step, the mainland construction machinery enterprises have waited too long

this is the first loader of Xiamen Engineering Group to directly sail to Taiwan, and also the first construction machinery product of the mainland to directly sail to Taiwan by sea, which has extraordinary historical significance. For mainland construction machinery enterprises, a shallow strait no longer carries homesickness, but kinship, business opportunities and win-win results. With the continuous contraction of the foreign secondary equipment market and the main technical parameters of the mainland's rapid economic growth pressure testing machine, when 300KN is completed, the maximum experimental force is long, and more and more Taiwanese people continue to accumulate their willingness to buy mainland construction machinery products

soon, at the Taiwan Trade Fair held in April of the same year, XCMG created a new first in the country: the construction machinery products of XCMG were sold in batches in Taiwan for the first time. "Only Taiwan" is no longer alone. With "brothers" who are more in line with the test specifications, it not only meets the needs of more users in Taiwan, but also fills the market gap of mainland construction machinery products in Taiwan

at the Taiwan Trade Fair in April, 2011, Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. made another effort to deliver a full range of products to key engineering projects in Taiwan. The products widely serve Taiwan's key projects such as the construction of Taiwan Huadong tunnel, the construction of Taipei Taoyuan Airport Rapid Transit, and the reconstruction of Kaohsiung after the August 8 hurricane disaster

Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a new brand rising rapidly in Taiwan's construction machinery market, and has been accepted and recognized by Taiwan users through good cost performance. Its distribution network covers the whole island of Taiwan. Ye silently, the regional director of Xiamen International Trade Pan Asia, told: "at present, the number of all kinds of construction machinery of Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in the Taiwan market has been close to 100, with a market share of more than 30%, ranking first among construction machinery enterprises in the mainland."

from shallow communication to deep communication

if the first "only Taiwan" customized by Xiamen Construction Engineering Group for the Taiwan market is somewhat "self opinionated", then the subsequent products are formed by in-depth communication between the two sides and continuous adjustment and Optimization in actual operation

there is such a story

the oil level gauge of Xiagong loader is installed outside the body. "We can't see the oil level when driving, and it's a little troublesome to stop and check it every time." users in Taiwan raised such a problem after using it for a period of time. Xiamen Engineering Group attached great importance to it, and then through technical research and development, the oil level gauge was made into an instrument panel and installed in the cab. The problem of "inconvenient observation of oil level" was perfectly solved, and this design was also extended to the whole series of products of Xiamen Engineering Group

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