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The development of "core technology" in the IOT industry is fundamental.

in the past two years, the concepts related to IOT have been almost hyped. What smart city, perception of China, favorable national policies, and the enterprises below are also working hard. Not to mention that the concept stocks of IOT have continued to soar in the stock market, and various products have also been dubbed IOT technology and pushed to the market

just like e-commerce, which was once popular in the rise of Internet, many enterprises only rely on enthusiasm to raise funds wantonly, intending to occupy the market before the official development of IOT, without considering the reality. In a sense, the IOT industry is an information technology-based industry, and there is not enough technical background as hardware support. In the end, either it will sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head, and with the concept of IOT, it will circle a sum of money in the market, or, just like some enterprises in the Internet era, a cavity of enthusiasm will eventually turn into a foam and disappear

according to the author, at present, many enterprises in the market boast about themselves under the brand of IOT, which seems to be able to start a new era of IOT industry and become the leader of IOT industry immediately. In fact, these enterprises are essentially a OEM with the brand of IOT, without their own core technology, and even the concept of IOT itself is unclear, It directly replicates other people's chip technology, many of which are still outdated. Changing the packaging will promote the regular application of a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide grease; Market, and then desperately increase investment, expand market share and scale. Although in the early stage, this can obtain a lot of economic benefits, but it is endless trouble

in the final analysis, the core technology of the products they launched is still in the hands of European and American countries, and their own technological innovation is ignored. If everyone adheres to such a shallow doctrine of taking, according to Moore's law and genie's law, the progress of electronic information technology is extremely rapid, slow step by step, slow step by step, then China is likely to fall behind again in this grand scientific and technological revolution, and then be controlled by others, This is obviously undesirable

the era of making money by products has long ended. At present, the aging phenomenon in China has become more and more serious. Although the family planning policy has effectively limited the growth of the population, it is also well known that the reduction of the population of the younger generation. The era of earning profits by relying solely on low-cost and intensive labor in China and adopting Rockwell hardness tester is about to come to an end. Therefore, what China needs more is cutting-edge core technology, And participate in the formulation of standards, so as not to rely on others in this era of IOT

at present, many domestic enterprises have realized the importance of core technology and began to devote themselves to technology. However, the development of high-tech requires not only hard enough talents, but also hard enough manufacturers. They also need to consider the dynamic performance and synchronous economic strength of machine movement. In terms of ZigBee technology, which occupies the mainstream in the IOT industry, many small and medium-sized enterprises have prevented gas The hidden danger capital accumulated in coal dust fell into a dilemma, and even many enterprises had to go bankrupt. Some old qualified large-scale enterprises with strong economic strength in China are still gnawing at their roots, while domestic enterprises with outstanding vision such as Huawei and IOT have taken the lead and obtained the voice of ZigBee standard formulation. In the current depressed economy, they are still struggling to move forward and are striving to master the core technology of IOT

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