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The core technology of Nanfang valve won the green productivity seed technology

from the analysis of water hammer mechanism, Zhuzhou Nanfang Valve Co., Ltd. put forward innovative water-saving schemes and green index evaluation system of water system from three dimensions: pipe water hammer monitoring system, auto components based on water hammer self adaptation, shell protection technology of handheld computer and product IOT platform, On January 12, 2020, the launching ceremony of the first green productivity forum and ecological environment channel was grandly held in Beijing media center. The theme of this forum focuses on "ecological green development". The forum is co sponsored by the association of China Productivity Promotion Centers, Randy international think tank, and Beiguang media ecological environment channel. Mr. xuguanhua, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, delivered a keynote speech on "standards lead, green first", highlighting adherence to the guidance of ecological civilization and promoting green development. The forum invites academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering. Next, the technicians of Jinan gold assay will introduce Wang Hao and Wu Fengchang in detail; The construction of the Zhaobai project, chairman of the expert committee of Randy international think tank, is the main focus to promote the revitalization of Hejin. Shi Dinghuan, former counsellor of the State Council, Liu Yulan, chairman of the China Productivity Promotion Center Association, he Gongming, chairman of Beiguang media digital television Co., Ltd., Wang Xiangwei, Secretary of the Party group of the people's Political Consultative Conference, and representatives of local workstations of the ecological environment channel and representatives of green productivity leaders of the "the Belt and Road", More than 250 representatives from seed technology units of green productivity attended the forum

this conference issued the green productivity seed technology cup to 30 innovative enterprises such as Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd., aiming to contribute to the continuous promotion of green development, the cultivation of green productivity seed technology, and the breeding of a new situation of green innovation, influence, and productivity. The leakage expert group of IWA (International Water Association) proposed in the report of the international leakage Forum meeting in 2010 that water hammer is the main reason for the aging and damage of water supply pipes, and eventually lead to pipe explosion. "Research on application technology of long-distance water conveyance Engineering" points out that 70% - 80% of the pipeline rupture in long-distance water conveyance engineering is related to water hammer. Based on the analysis of water hammer mechanism, Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd. puts forward innovative water-saving schemes and green index evaluation system of water system from the three dimensions of pipe water hammer monitoring system, water hammer adaptive protection technology and product IOT platform, and establishes a new water-saving idea based on the key technology of water hammer adaptive protection of transmission and distribution pipes. This technology can effectively reduce the tube leakage rate below 10%, reduce the new tube burst rate by 40%-50%, and the index is better than the national standard

this forum joins hands with all sectors of society to jointly hold high the banner of a new era of green standards, green products benefiting the people, green productivity technological innovation, and green national strength revitalization, and work together in an all-round way to build an ecological sustainable power. Let green productive forces bloom and bear fruit in China and go abroad, and carry forward the Chinese ecological culture formed from the "unity of heaven and man" to the "two mountain road" in overseas markets; The development of green productive forces will promote the continuous deepening of international cooperation and development, promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, and increase the well-being of the people of the world

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