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Breakthrough in the core technology of T-1000 ultra-high strength carbon fiber

recently, the polyacrylonitrile based ultra-high strength carbon fiber prepared by the key deployment project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was undertaken by the team of zhangshouchun, a researcher of Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, around the preparation of T-1000 ultra-high strength carbon fiber, successfully passed the acceptance and successfully developed a new polyacrylonitrile based hollow carbon fiber

polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber has excellent comprehensive properties. It is an indispensable key strategic material for aerospace, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. rotor free vulcanizer with stable quality in national defense and civil high-tech fields. In order to promote the development of carbon fiber industry, carbon fiber is listed as one of the key strategic emerging industries supported in "made in China 2025" and "the 13th five year plan for the development of new material industry". The production technology of polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber mainly includes wet spinning and dry spray wet spinning. The dry spray wet spinning technology has the advantages of high production efficiency, good carbon fiber quality and low production cost. The world's high-end brand carbon fiber is mainly produced by dry spray wet spinning technology. However, these technologies have been monopolized by Japanese and American companies for a long time, especially the ultra-high strength carbon fiber of T-1000 and above is a high-end product, It is the top priority of the blockade against our country

Zhang Shouchun's team deeply analyzed the correlation between carbon fiber structure and performance, carried out the optimization design of precursor chain structure, spinning fluid rheology regulation, fiber micro nano structure control and key equipment technology research, and achieved a breakthrough in the core technology of dry jet wet spinning to prepare T-1000 grade ultra-high strength carbon fiber according to the "1025" development plan of new material industry. The prepared polyacrylonitrile based ultra-high strength carbon fiber has the characteristics of high tensile strength and high elastic modulus, which has been inspected by a third-party professional organization. 3 If the experimental results do not meet the relevant standards, the performance index will reach the advanced level in the industry

in view of the current trend that the application of carbon fiber is developing from a single structure bearing type to a structure function integration, Zhang Shouchun's team has successfully developed a new type of polyacrylonitrile based hollow carbon fiber in two years. Polyacrylonitrile based hollow carbon fiber technology is difficult. At present, only BASF company in Germany and Toray company in Japan master it. Zhangshouchun introduced that the new hollow carbon fiber is different from ordinary hollow carbon membrane materials. Its continuous filament has the characteristics of fine denier and high strength, and has good weavability and entanglement; Also different from the traditional solid core carbon fiber, its core has a continuous and regular hollow structure. Therefore, high-strength hollow polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber not only meets the needs of structural reinforcement, but also has special functions such as heat insulation, filling and modification. It is a new type of carbon fiber with integrated structure and function

zhangshouchun said that with the rapid growth of application fields and the increasing application requirements, high-end carbon fibers and new varieties of carbon fibers have become the hot spots of competitive development in various countries. Our research will contribute to the development of multiple varieties and serialization of high-performance carbon fibers in China, and is of positive significance for structural lightweight and multifunctional applications

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