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The core technology of CNC machine tools is missing, and there is a long way to go to catch up with and surpass the international level

the market share of CNC systems made in China for high-end CNC machine tools is only 5%. Analysts believe that the market promotion of the localization of high-end CNC machine tools is the bottleneck of the current industry development. Once a breakthrough is made, it is in sight to replace imports

as the "machine tool" of the equipment manufacturing industry, "made in China 2025" will raise the strategic position of CNC machine tools to a new height. However, the data shows that the market share of high-end CNC machine tools and CNC systems made in China is only 5%. Analysts believe that the market promotion of the localization of high-end CNC machine tools is the bottleneck of the current industry development. Once a breakthrough is made, it is in sight to replace imports


the CNC system of machine tools originated in the United States in the 1950s. In the late 1970s, Japanese enterprises made it widely promoted. In history, the control components of machine tool numerical control system have roughly experienced three changes: electronic tube transistor integrated circuit. As China lags far behind developed countries in the field of computers and integrated circuits, China's machine tool CNC system technology is also completely backward

after the reform and opening up, the machine tool CNC industry has experienced a difficult development process of technology introduction during the "sixth five year plan", technology digestion and absorption during the "Seventh Five Year Plan", technology independent development during the "Eighth Five Year Plan", industrialization of medium and low-grade CNC technology and narrowing the gap between high-grade CNC systems during the "Ninth Five Year Plan" and the "Twelfth Five Year Plan"

as an important symbol to measure the development level of equipment manufacturing industry in a country where oil leakage is found, numerical control technology has become a strategic core technology. High-end numerical control systems and machine tool equipment with five axis linkage above are regarded as international strategic materials and are subject to strict export restrictions from western countries. China has introduced foreign CNC system technology, but the other side has adopted "high value-added product sales - backward technology transfer - joint venture factory" and other means. So far, China's high-end CNC machine tools are still dominated by foreign CNC systems

the idea of digesting foreign advanced technology before taking the path of "independent development" has not been realized. According to the 2010 data at the peak of China's machine tool production, China's low-end economic machine tools accounted for 60%, of which 95% were domestic CNC systems; Medium grade standard machine tools account for 38%, of which domestic CNC systems account for 20%; High end machine tools account for 2%, of which domestic high-end CNC systems account for only 2%


since 2009, the state has vigorously promoted the localization of high-end machine tools by implementing the major scientific and technological project "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" (04 special project). More than two years later, five supported CNC system enterprises, including central China CNC, Guangzhou CNC, Dalian Guangyang, Shenyang Gaojing, aerospace CNC, have overcome a number of key technologies of high-end CNC systems, such as CNC system software and hardware platform, high-speed and high-precision, multi axis linkage, bus technology, nano interpolation, and developed a full digital bus type high-end CNC system product prototype, realizing from analog interface, pulse interface to full digital bus control Technological leap of high speed and precision

in 2012, the task deployment of the 04 special CNC system turned to two targets: first, the high-end CNC system with the functions of five axis linkage, multi-channel, high-speed and high-precision, turning and milling compound (benchmarking Siemens 840D), and the development and application verification of high-end CNC systems in Central China CNC and Dalian Guangyang; Second, there are a large number of mid-range popular and standard technologies in the market (benchmarking FANUC 0I system). Guangzhou CNC and central China CNC undertake the development and industrialization of standard CNC systems. At the same time, the 04 project also supported a number of aerospace, automotive, power generation equipment and shipbuilding enterprises to apply domestic CNC machine tools and CNC systems

it is gratifying that in some key areas, Chinese manufacturers have broken through the key core technologies of some mines falling below the cost line and formed a number of landmark products

in the aviation field, heavy forging equipment such as 800mn large die forging press and 120MN aluminum alloy plate tension stretching machine have been independently developed, filling the gap in the integral forming technology of large and important parts in the domestic aviation field, and providing a strong guarantee for the cross generation development of military aircraft and the development of large aircraft

in the field of automobile manufacturing, the large-scale, fast and efficient CNC automatic stamping production line has won batch orders from the production lines of American automobile factories in the international bidding with world-class enterprises, and has been recognized and respected by international peers. At present, the domestic market share of automobile panel stamping line has exceeded 70%, and the global market share has exceeded 30%, which has effectively promoted the localization of domestic automotive equipment

in the field of power generation equipment, 36000 ton black vertical metal extruder has realized the independent production of domestic high-end heat-resistant steel large-diameter thick wall seamless steel tubes used in 1000MW ultra supercritical thermal power units; Large opening and closing heat treatment equipment has produced the largest nuclear power integrally forged rotor forgings in Asia, forming a mass production capacity of large rotors; The Super Heavy CNC vertical turning and milling compound machine tool, CNC heavy bridge gantry five axis linkage turning and milling compound machine tool, Super Heavy CNC Floor milling and boring machine, Super Heavy CNC horizontal boring lathe, special CNC axial groove milling machine, etc. developed for the third generation nuclear power nuclear island and conventional island equipment, have solved the processing problems of containers and baskets, heat exchangers, steam turbine cylinders, generator rotors and so on, which are still in the important strategic opportunity period of nuclear power pressure development, It has been installed and applied in many nuclear power equipment


the achievements of domestic CNC systems in the past two years are obvious to all. However, foreign CNC systems have been cultivated in the Chinese market for more than 40 years. With the advantages of products in technology and performance, they have already cultivated good market brands, customer reputation and user habits, forming a "market ecosystem"

therefore, some insiders mistakenly pointed out that although the gap between domestic machine tool CNC system and foreign countries is narrowing, technological breakthrough is not equal to market breakthrough. At present, the major problem with domestic CNC systems is the low recognition of high-end customers, including defense and military enterprises, who do not trust that domestic high-end CNC systems can meet their requirements in terms of reliability and function

to promote commercial applications and expand the market has become the most realistic problem in the development of CNC system industry. The 04 special project has clear requirements for this: by 2020, high-end CNC systems, key functional components and mainframe will be matched in batches, and have been applied and demonstrated; The market share of domestic standard CNC system has increased from 30% to more than 60%; The market share of domestic high-end CNC systems will increase from the current 2% to about 20%

academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering jointly made suggestions to the senior management to vigorously promote the localization of high-end CNC machine tools, and hoped that the country would fully support China's medium and high-end CNC machine tools in the critical period of industrialization from multiple levels. For example, change the current "inequality" state in the procurement of CNC machine tools, that is, the government purchases designated foreign brands, rather than righteously supporting domestic products

of course, if domestic CNC systems want to truly expand the market, they also need to combine industry applications and make their own characteristics. Once the market recognizes, import substitution is not a dream

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