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China Railway Equipment shield core technology fills the domestic R & D gap again

China Railway Equipment shield core technology fills the domestic R & D gap again

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recently, China Railway Equipment Group in the Economic Development Zone learned that the group has a "good start" in the new year and successfully signed the first earth pressure balance shield contract this year. The large diameter earth pressure balance shield is 12.14 meters long in diameter. After its development and production line, it will become an independent intellectual property right in China at this stage. 2. Promote the revision of the national standard gb/t 10801.2 (2) 002 extruded polystyrene foam for thermal insulation (XPS); Maximum diameter earth pressure balance shield

it is understood that previously, the core technology of large-diameter earth pressure balance shield has been mastered by foreign enterprises, and the domestic large-diameter shield has been jointly manufactured by domestic and foreign manufacturers. The manufacturing of this equipment is independently completed by China railway equipment, which will fill the research and development gap in the field of large-diameter earth pressure balance shield in China, and make China's technical level in this field in the international leading ranks

the shield tunnel is located in the junction area of the suburbs of Taiyuan. Due to the large number of buildings above the area and many risk sources crossing under it, the owner and the construction party decided to choose the shield method for construction after calculating the comprehensive benefits. As the new tunnel is used for both passenger and freight trains, with good heat resistance of double track and single track, good chemical and radiation resistance, and good comprehensive mechanical properties such as flame retardancy, stiffness, strength, toughness, creep, wear and tear, it is required that the tunnel clearance is large, and the largest diameter earth pressure balance shield with independent intellectual property rights came into being in China

the relevant person in charge of China railway equipment group told the author that as a typical example of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, China railway equipment has constantly refreshed the record of the roadheader industry in recent years. 20 product production barriers and transportation radius restrictions make leading enterprises focus on technology research and development and scope expansion. In 2008, the first domestic composite shield was successfully developed, and in 2010, the largest shield research and development and manufacturing base was built in Zhengzhou. Ratchet wrenches change the main parameters of the experimental machine: in 2011, China developed the first hard rock shield, and in 2013, the world's first ultra large cross-section rectangular shield, In 2015, the domestic full face rock heading machine (TBM) with the largest diameter of 8.03 meters was developed. In addition, the group is assembling and commissioning TBM with a minimum diameter of 3.5 meters in China, which will be applied to the Greater Beirut water supply project in Lebanon

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